The philosopher Immanuel Kant divided the world into the noumenella world - the reality as it is, independent of us, and the phenomenal world - the world as we perceive it. World of Fredrik Lindberg's painting , it is reality as it is or it is the world as he perceives it ? They appear both in a double exposure . Or triple exposure or quadruple .

Images appear on a relentless background , a landscape that never ceases , that silence cursed forever silence. Nature - independent of us. By me . Of time. Forest itself. Without opinion stands just there and select at most reminiscence of a place.

The forest is a house, a neighbor even though it had been there for generations, never really accepted by all the silent trees which of course been there since time immemorial. Though it struggled to develop the same averted reticence . I am reminded of the television series Crow gold from 1969. The thing that scared me most as a child was the house boy Staffan lived in. There was never the TV everyday nice and sounding though no one was watching , it was completely silent. No lights were shining just to keep the great darkness away . His mom said almost nothing and I was terrified. The houses in Fredriks images brooding silence and events that stuck in the noumenella World - independent - of - us. Or: The Adult World - independent - of - child.

In the woods is a boy and beat with a stick on the trees.


Time says Kant, is the dimension in which our individual experiences are posted . Kant called this our inner mental shape. Neither the time nor place out there in the world but in here in our soul. Fredrik adds layers of his mind inner shape right across the noumenella reality. Scenery -wise break pictures in and hitting the background how adamant it is. Times and pictures as evidence in a unilateral heeling and a sounding brawl with the location of crying - it happened ! I was there!

All these our pictures that stick in the mind and the family album. One Christmas in flash . The same ugly hat. Yet remarkably . As the mosquito in amber wonders what happened that day when it got stuck. Where did it come from ? What was the situation around ? What time was it ? What did it when it realized that it was fixed ? Not that it 's important really, it's a long time ago now, nobody can tell.


Consisting is the eternal hum of the wind in the treetops, which has always sounded so and always will sound like . The isolated Suset - in-itself . But it may swoop how much it wants . Fredrik has an angry liberating humor that allows the internal shape kneaded beyond recognition , the room turns out. Pour out their contents on the ground and in the pond , you can poke around and find what you are and it never will be. All one's shortcomings and all dreams. All that you had and all that you will never get . Where a child's carefree searching in a garage sale box of old mind-bending stuff, and the adult's evaluative sorting of misunderstood important units.


Anna Erlandson